I haven’t been updating you about my stick insects for a long time. Cleaning up their home every 3rd day is annoying and actually costs me a lot of time and power, so I’m kinda unmotivated to work on the plans I had with them.

But Anyway! Two of my giant prickly stick insects (Wikipedia) just started to lay eggs and I already got around 30 eggs from them. They’re really looking like little DINO EGGS.

One insect will drop 2-4 eggs per day on avarage. My biggest stick (13cm length) laid 6 eggs within ~30 hours. They just drop them on the floor of the terrarium, which is good for me to collect them once a day :) I noticed that they eat like twice as much as soon as they start laying eggs. The eggs will take a couple of months to hatch, according to internet forums. Let’s wait and give it some time…

I do not really want to have hundreds of walking sticks in my house. Let’s say you have 3 adult animals in your terrarium, that’ll lead you to get around 10 eggs per day, which equals around 300 eggs per month… You don’t really want to hatch and grow them all up :)

I’ll give away eggs to friends and other people who’re interested in phasmides. Note that I won’t be shipping alive animals, that’ll likely kill them.

In the meantime, many of my Walking Stick eggs hatched and I got around 20 Baby-Günthers. They are freaking tiny and I hate collecting them all when I’m cleaning up the terrarium, but well… There’s no way around.

Building a new terrarium

I’m now planing to build a new home for them, utilizing an old raspberry pi 3b+ to control a heater module and a little tiny fan to have a pretty good air flow. This is my plan so far:

Basically, the air is (somehow) being replaced with fresh air from outside, but this fresh air needs to be heated in winter (which will be done using the raspberry pi and the heating module for it) and cooled in summer (no idea how to do this - yet). I don’t know what to do about the humidity yet too, but I’ll find a solution for sure. ;)

According to most internet forums and insect blogs, the best temperature is between 26 °C and 28 °C. The ideal humidity is between 70% and 80%. Phasmides are very robust animals and they can likely survive much higher and lower temperature levels over a short period of time.

Did you know that?

How’s Günther doing tho?

Additionally, my very first Walking Stick (Wikipedia) has grown a lot! Say hello to Baby Junior Günther! He’s like 3.5 months old now.


This was Günther 2 Months ago… :)