I came up with the idea of restoring the Treudler customer database to read all tickets that we’ve ever received.

As far as I can remember, we had a lot of rage in our internal chat groups, causing us to end up with hundreds of unanswered tickets. We still had a lot of fun while answering tickets, so here’s the “Best of Treudler Support - Part 1”.

Personal data of our previous customers has been grayed out. Don’t take this too serious. As our customers came from all around the globe, some of them have used machine translation. Enjoy reading! :)

We can’t help you with that, I’m so sorry.

Someones music bots in teamspeak were lagging, for some obvious reason:

no problem but the music boats on ts3 are late

unknown source, both quoted by Ja.

can add cpu to 1 , with the balance of the money sleep.

wher is sir RickyG he help me to instal win server

Someone cancelled his server because…

Some more…

Yes, I will reinstall your server, then you can access your data - that makes sense!


Yes, dedicated servers are likely being hosted on a virtual server.

We loved turkeys. They’ve been the most funniest people.

Our servers can talk, too.